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How to Collect Your Winnings from an Online Casino

The difference between online gambling and online gaming is that real money is involved in the former.  As a casino player, every winning translates to real money that you’d want to cash out someday if NOT then.

The good news is that nothing is as easier as converting the cash you have earned in the casino into real money. The process may vary depending on the policies and expectations set by the casino you’re using, but one good thing is that they aren’t very much different.

So, assuming you’ve been on a lucky streak for a given stretch of time and have earned handsomely in the process, simple logic demands that you transfer some of the virtual casino money that you have earned to your pocket. This is sometimes necessary even if you’re planning to parlay some of the profits for bigger winnings.

Some people may find the process involved in collecting their casino winnings a little bit of a rigmarole. This is usually the case if you didn’t take time to go through the casino’s money policy before depositing with them.

For instance, some casinos do require that you submit a scanned copy of your ID or passport first before the funds can be released. You might want to check on this while choosing the online casino to work with before it becomes clear that you made a terrible mistake settling for them.

Via Debit or Credit Cards

For some casinos, cashing out is as simple as requesting the casino to send your winnings to the credit or debit card that you used to deposit cash with them. This is, however, a rare case as many card providers are finding it hard to process gambling transactions. But if you’re lucky enough to have this option enabled, then it should only take you about three days for the cash to appear in your bank account.

Other traditional methods to collect your winnings

If your winnings cannot be collected via bank, your next option should be to use an online wallet, such as Firepay, NeTeller, Wire, Swft Transfers, DTB or Nucharge. You might want to check out which e-wallet system works best in your country before deciding on which one to use.

First, go through the casino’s payment policy and find out the e-wallet system they support. It’s also recommended that you check the fee they charge to withdraw, plus the minimal amount to withdraw.

Also, do this bearing in mind that it might take you a few days to receive your cash if you settle for this method.


If all else fails, the your last option is to go the old fashioned way—check.

All you have to do is contact the casino and provide them with your detail. They’ll then process the check and send it to you via mail.

If you’re too anxious to spend your cash, you may request for a faster delivery. Of course you’ll be charged extra for this.

Once you receive the check, just take it to the bank and cash it out.